N Ivanhoe & St. Louis, 1932

This classic 1932 photo shows a long-gone slice of Americana. Tom ran a tidy gasoline and automotive service station on the corner of N. Ivanhoe and St. Louis Avenue in St. Johns, but our Number Man had some kind of plans for the future of this corner.

A2009-009.2611 N Ivanhoe & St Louis 1932(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “N Ivanhoe & St. Louis, 1932

  1. Tom’s main competitor was a man named Harold. Harold, just like Tom, owned a Super Service Station. Both fine fellas:

  2. Found on the Internet: “Violet Ray was General Petroleum’s new anti-knock gasoline, introduced in 1928 with a major ad campaign involving 3500 west coast dealers “from Canada on down”.

  3. Is this the north corner? With Ivanhoe running off to the left and N St. Louis running off to the right?

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