E Burnside & NE 8th Avenue, 1927

This building on the northwest corner of East Burnside and NE 8th Avenue shows what it looked like before it underwent the “arcade” process. As Burnside was to be widened right up to the support columns, workers moved the street level storefronts back so the sidewalk could pass under the floors above, creating an arcade. There are still a few of these arcade buildings left and this is a nice example.

Building on NW corner SE 8th and Burnside 1927(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “E Burnside & NE 8th Avenue, 1927

  1. Interesting. I always wondered why only this building and the one across the street had the sidewalk arcades. I figured it was the requisite street widening. Quite a difference than the usual-for-day wrecking ball procedure for building renovation. It adds interest to an often rainy day streetscape.

  2. In the mid 1960’s I used to go for 10 PM pancakes near here on the south side of Burnside. Anybody remember the name of the place?

  3. I also went to a 24 hour café on the south side in an arcade building. This was in the early 50’s, six days a week at 0500, between Grand and 6th. I knew the name until recently, hope to post it soon.

  4. Tom, the café we both remember was Grants. The building overhang was even with the curb, the Coca Cola neon sign was on the front of the building, the slope of the pavement made my trailer lean, the sign was history.

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