NW Front & Everett, 1930

We saw the Zeta Psi building (background) being demolished in a previous post. Further plans were afoot another block north on NW Front Street and our Number Man was on the scene to document the southwest corner at Everett Street.

A2009-009.2483 Consolidated Supply Co Pipe Warehouse NW Front and Everett 1930(City of Portland Archives)

10 thoughts on “NW Front & Everett, 1930

  1. It’s interesting to see the pipe warehouse for Consolidated Supply Co. The company headquarters and showrooms were located in the Union Block on First and Stark (and Second and Oak – it was a big building) up to the time the building was demolished in 1955.

  2. Correction, the Union Block faced First, Oak, Stark, and Second, while wrapping around the Cook’s Building on Second and Oak.

  3. If this is looking northwest, the building will be torn down to construct the Steel Bridge ramps.

  4. This view is looking southwest. The Zeta Psi building is on the current site of the grassy plaza area of the new Oregon College of Oriental Medicine which would be hidden directly behind Zeta Psi building from this angle. OCOM was formerly Import Plaza, and the Globe Hotel before that. The current building on the site of the warehouse is a municipal parking garage and helipad.

    It looks like we have one survivor from this photo. I believe the distant water tower is the same one that sits atop the old White Stag building (adjacent to our beloved sign) and currently advertises Old Town.

  5. Thank you very much. This is very helpful. Jay
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  6. And here’s another aerial that shows this area with the Zeta Psi building in about the same state of destruction (the 1928 date at that photo is clearly wrong as the seawall would still have been under construction yet it is shown as completed).

  7. Nice to see this picture, a reminder of my having business with them in the late 40’s/early 50’s while with Peerless Pacific.

  8. Catenary visible is the Oregon Electric freight line coming down from 10th on Everett. It will go south on Front to join the passenger line coming down Salmon.

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