NE Broadway & 9th, 1929

This fine old house was being documented by the city for some unknown reason in 1929. We do know that it no longer sits on the southeast corner of  NE Broadway and 9th Avenue, but it looks like its neighbor to the south fared better.

A2009-009.3264 - Residence NE Broadway and 9th Ave 1929(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “NE Broadway & 9th, 1929

  1. Regarding numbers guy: I notice that if you search the City Auditor’s archive there is a trove of entries regarding the widening of NE Broadway in 1930 documenting pretty much every intersection from Union (MLK) to Sandy.

  2. From what we have observed in previous posts in this series it seems safe to say that Broadway was in serious need of repaving at that time. Does anyone know if the trolley tracks preceded the original pavement on Broadway. Looks as if it may have.

  3. Judging from the house spacing. It looks like they only widened the north side of Broadway. It’s too bad that none of those Elms made it. The whole area was once dominated by Dutch Elms and substantial Four Square homes, it appears.

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