SE 52nd Ave & Foster, 1937

This was a curious little golf shack on the corner of SE 52nd Avenue and Foster Road back in 1937; surely there wasn’t a golf course anywhere near here. The triangular lot between Foster and SE Bush had an Associated Gas Station like the one we saw recently in St. Johns. And the tile-roofed diner is still on the south side of Bush today.

A2005-001.202  SE Foster Rd from 52nd Ave looking south 1937
(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “SE 52nd Ave & Foster, 1937

  1. The golf shack seems to have an odd series of holes in it too. What’s that about?

    Are those trolley wires on Foster? Should I be able to see tracks in this shot? Are they just out of shot, coming up 52nd?

  2. Although there were no golf courses nearby, there was a driving range on 82nd, maybe more than one.

  3. Regarding the trolley wires, Foster was converted to trolley-bus in 1936 so it looks like (from this and other 1937 photos of Foster from this site) that the tracks had already been paved over and/or removed.

  4. I think that means that there is a lunch counter and a soda fountain (less formal than table service) and that they serve hot food (as opposed to cold sandwiches).

  5. Maybe there’s no relationship at all, but it seems curious that the Golf shack is just a block from a joint called “The Trap.” Seems like there was something golf-related in that neighborhood.

  6. Any chance there was a miniature golf course there? Looks like the window where you would go to get your clubs and balls.

  7. The fountain restaurant in the old picture is obviously “The Trap” in the current view. Nothing else is recognizable, but that looks exactly the same. So neat to see!

  8. I just recently purchased the house that you can see the roof of behind The Trap. I know it was built in 1894, but nothing more then that. Great to see the neighborhood as it was.

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