N Ivanhoe & Chicago, c1932

One could almost imagine tumbleweeds blowing down an old west street but it’s actually the corner of N. Ivanhoe Street and Chicago Avenue in St. Johns. The Star Hotel, a rather rough-looking establishment, fronted on Ivanhoe which goes off to the right in this circa 1932 photo.

A2009-009.2590 Star Hotel N Ivanhoe & Chicago 1932(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “N Ivanhoe & Chicago, c1932

  1. All it needs to complete the look is a hitchin’ post, a waterin’ trough and the town drunk sleepin’ it off on the front porch there.

  2. Jim, the hotel you refer to must of had a covered front like the one in today’s post at one time. There was a discussion of the door to nowhere.

  3. The exterior entrances to the first floor rooms is a little more uncommon too. It’s true, if you got rid of the fire hydrant and power poles. It would look like an old West movie set. Or at least a back lot in Burbank. 🙂

  4. I wonder what the Number Man was documenting here. Doesn’t look like either of the streets needs widening. Maybe a demolition?

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