NW Davis St. & 14th, 1917

A century ago, crossing NW 14th Avenue west on Davis Street would lead you to a row of residential homes and apartments. Today you’d take your life in your hands crossing an off-ramp from I-405 and then a fence would stop you from accessing what’s left of that block.

A2000-003.50 SE corner NW 14th Ave & NW Davis St. 1917(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “NW Davis St. & 14th, 1917

  1. Based on the shadowy William Peter Blattyish character walking in the distance, I think you might have been taking your life into your own hands in 1917 too.

  2. Pipes sticking out of the sidewalk. Broken curbs. Piles of rubble in the street. Must’ve been before “The City That Works” era.

  3. Rugged times. If you got past the potholes, you took your life in your hands dragging groceries up your front steps with no handrails. And that was way before the paper or plastic debates.

  4. Mike,

    Like you, I just took one look at today’s Vintage Portland image, saw the curb and the hole in perfect alignment, and jumped back in time to Groundhog Day!

  5. Almost 100 years later a lot of the city streets still have broken or no curbs at all and piles of rubbish. Haven’t seen any pipes sticking out of a sidewalk lately, but I haven’t looked everywhere yet.

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