W Burnside & 16th

The north side of W. Burnside between 15th and 16th Avenues was a lively hub of commerce in 1917. A newsstand and a barber shop, art, antiques and salvage material, a Saxon automobile dealership, and a garage all shared this block.

A2000-003.34 527 Burnside St  1500 block W Burnside St. 1917(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “W Burnside & 16th

  1. Great picture. At first I thought the woman walking was talking on a cell phone. Funny how you view pictures now days.

  2. That 25 cent haircut sounds kind of high priced for 1917. As a child I remember paying 25 cents in the early 1950’s

  3. This is another pic I’ve seen on VP where the glass globes of one of the streetlights is missing. I wonder what’s the story there, maybe they were a common target for the local hooligans?

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