18 thoughts on “3223 SE Belmont, 1944

  1. I think they were at the site of the present power sub station in the middle of the block of Belmont. I grew up and lived in the big 2 story Victorian castle-like house at the corner of 33rd and Belmont (913 S.E. 33rd Ave.) during the 60’s.

  2. Man, there’s an old memory! I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve seen a Frank L. McGuire sign, but I know I was probably in grade school! I think it used to be one of the largest realtors in Portland. 50 years ago, that is.

  3. Dan S., I’m with you. These home sites are now occupied by The Bainbridge apartment complex, 3201-3239 SE Belmont St.

    First references I could find in the Historical Oregonian (MCL online research resource) are For Sale ads placed by
    in August 1945 (3225), “remodeled”, asking price $3350 and September 1945 (3223), “completely remodeled”, asking price $3250.

    Both were rentals by the late 50’s. The Bainbridge was built in 1977. I notice that the apartments are distinguished by street addresses, not unit numbers. 3223 SE Belmont is still a postal address on this site, per a reverse address search.

  4. I was taught in grade school 56 years about Portland street numbering and has served me well every since. Streets run east & west, avenues run north & south. The east side of avenues are even numbered, west side are odd numbered. The north side of streets are odd numbered, south side is even numbered. The north-south dividing line is Burnside Street which has only the designation of only east or west. The numbering increases north or south by the number of blocks away from Burnside east or west. The east west designation gets a little trickier. Generally the east-west dividing line is the Willamette River except for the oddball North Portland dividing line which is Williams Ave where it runs into the river. The other anomaly is in the John’s Landing area in SW that has numbers starting with 0 east-west. If I have an address in Portland I can find it faster than my almost 30 year old children using their new fancy GPS on their cell phones. God help anyone younger than 50 if the entire electronic network goes down. My wife is 10 years younger than me and they never taught her any of this even though she went to the same schools I did.

  5. Hey! I’m definitely under 50 and didn’t even grow up here, yet from the address given I figured out the location was on the north side of Belmont without having to look it up! 😉

  6. When I lived in Northwest Portland, I read in the Northwest Examiner to remember what side of the street an address is on by thinking, “northwest is odd.

  7. Of course even if you don’t know which side is odd or even, all you need to know is that on the east side (i.e. NE or SE) on an E/W street, a lower number house is always west of a higher number house, so the view above has to be to the north. 🙂

  8. My g-grandfather, Jacob McDuffee, was a building contractor and built his own home at 973 Belmont in1897. Where would that address be in relation to present day addresses?

  9. Hey I’m only in my 30’s and I know what side of the street the odd and even numbers go on too! Plenty of people my age know that, it’s still really common knowledge even if they don’t teach it in school.

    If that knowledge is ever going to fade, I would guess it would be with the next couple of generations who spend their whole lives driving around with ubiquitous GPS and smartphones that tell you which side everything you’re looking for is on. But I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever tried to find someone’s house by looking out their windshield, creeping up and down streets with a Thomas Guide balanced on their knee is going to remember that stuff for the rest of their lives!

  10. Thanks so much. But I’m a bit confused. The numbers for Belmont only go up to 575 and then skip to 1441 on that document.

  11. Anne T.,

    I found it on page 142 in the left column: 917 is now 3015, across from the credit union.

    The title page says “A supplement to this directory will be published as soon as the city has completed the changes on the ‘East Side'”.

    I notice that the page numbers appear to be stamped by their irregular placement on each sheet – on page 5 it’s even stamped upside down. I reckon that the archivist just added the supplement to the end of the original and then went through the whole thing with a handstamp that had rotating wheels,

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