NE Broadway & 11th, 1929

Our Number Man finds himself on the sunny northwest corner of NE Broadway at 11th Avenue in this 1929 photo. This modern and tidy Standard Oil service station featured covered pumps on both sides of the sales booth plus covered service bays in the background.

A2009-009.3268 NE Broadway and 11th 1929(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “NE Broadway & 11th, 1929

  1. The 1929 oil must have been different than early 1970’s Gulf oil. I pulled a 40 hour shift working at an open 24 hr. Gulf service station on Canyon Rd during a snowstorm that was so bad the other workers could not make it in to work. I had a customer pull up and in addition to the gas he wanted 2 quarts of oil in his engine. It took 40 min for the oil to get out of the cans and into his engine. We had a nice conversation in the meantime in the heated office. He wasn’t upset and he said he was thankful that we were even open at 3:00 am on such a bad night. My paycheck wasn’t bad with 32 hours overtime on it for the week

  2. The other thing I notice is that a number of folks in the shot are what one might call beefy. Not obese like so many these days, and the mechanic is a rail, but the other folks have meat on their bones.

    This, of course, is before the days when everyone ate junk all the time. I recall only getting dessert on Sunday with dinner. It was a special event – not the 5th item purchased at a fast-food place.

    The changes are not all just the physical features of the streets, the missing streetcars, but also the way we all looked/look.

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