SE Bybee Blvd Overpass, 1934

The SE Bybee Blvd. overpass over SE McLoughlin Blvd. is shown here undergoing construction work in 1934. Rails for the Sellwood and Eastmoreland trolley lines can be seen in the foreground and in the distance to the west. Were they being replaced by the new trolley buses at this time?

A2009-009.2969 Bridge Construction SE Bybee Blvd 1934(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “SE Bybee Blvd Overpass, 1934

  1. I thought that the new bridge was for crossing the new “Super Highway”. Instead of two bridges, they made it all into one bridge.

  2. Odd, there is no overhead wire visible at all. I’m thinking the Sellwood line went out in 1940. Not sure about Eastmoreland.

  3. I agree with Loren, this is the new section of the Bybee-SPRR overpass being extended to cover the new Super Highway 99E, the year is appropriate. No rails were installed on the new extension, and those on the old section were only removed a few years ago when the entire structure was replaced. The Eastmoreland trolley bus came later, rode it to high school.

  4. I like to compare the pictures to google maps today. I love this site and look at it every day! Thank you so much!

  5. Sellwood streetcar did run till at least 1939 and turned west on Bybee to SW 13 to the Sellwood car barn. Eastmorland street was a stubb line starting 3-09-12 and changed to bus 3-01-26. Rails probably not used at this time. Note lack of overhead wire. Except for emergency Sellwood cars did not use this track

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