NE Stanton & Williams, 1931

There are more people out on this suburban street than we are used to seeing, including a girl on roller skates on the far right. The view is west on NE Stanton at Williams, 1931. It’s a far different scene today but Dawson Park is still on the far right corner.

A2009-009.2744 - N Williams Ave and Stanton St 1931(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “NE Stanton & Williams, 1931

  1. “There are more people out on this suburban street than we are used to seeing”

    Actually, looking at the street view on Google makes it look like a pretty busy pedestrian area.

  2. As Lefty’s post has the link to the dirty little secret that Portland is and always has been the most politically corrupt city on the West Coast. I can remember in the 50’s the real estate agents knocking on the front door of our house on NE 31st Ave.and telling my Dad he had better sell because the Negroes were coming. He told them to go to he** and get off my property and don’t ever come back. He went out of his way to hire blacks to work on our house even when the neighbors complained. His answer was having spent 4 years of his life since Dec 8 1941 to the end of the war mostly in the jungles of the South Pacific fighting for his country gave him the right to chose whomever he wanted to hire. Sadly, Portland even today is still under the control of it’s “special interests” group. but most of you don”t care as long as it doesn’t directly affect you.

  3. As I was saying, I grew up a block from here, our family was displaced durning the Emanuel Hospital Expansion”

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