Fairmount Hotel, c1910

Seeing the 1951 version of the Leonard Apartments (Fairmount Hotel building) last week, VP Fan Bud Holland dug through his archives and found this great circa 1910 postcard of the original Fairmount Hotel. There have been quite a few architectural changes since then, including extending the second floor rooms to the porch roof edge to provide more interior square footage. Thanks again Bud!

Update: This is probably not the Fairmount Hotel building. See the comments and discussion here. We’ll put this one in the Mystery Location category.

fairmount hotel c1910(Bud Holland)

7 thoughts on “Fairmount Hotel, c1910

  1. Many thanks to Bud for submitting a great photo, but I question whether this is the Fairmount. This is a photo of the entrance gate to the exposition, purportedly taken on opening day. You can see the Fairmount to the left. The upper floors are already extended over the porch and the faux masonry corner quoins are clear in the opening day photo, but don’t appear on the building featured in today’s post.

  2. I’ve gotta concur with Jim. My apologies to Bud, but I don’t think that’s the Fairmount. So… what is it?

  3. I third Jim’s comment. I’ve looked at a bunch of photos today of the Fairmont after reading it and I have to agree.

  4. My boss thought you were pulling an April Fools joke on us. We lead tours along NW 23rd and have some great images of the theater over time. Could this be a Fairmont in Portland, Maine?

  5. I hate to be a spoil sport but I remember these photos, and I believe they are the Fairmont. My family, my Aunts & Uncles & friends have lived there many many years ago. My Auntie had photos and I so vividly remember them. I forgot all about it until I seen the photo here. I do have to say it’s the Fairmont. 🙂

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