SE Nehalem St & 21st Ave, 1931

You can still drive over this little bridge today, or at least it’s improved and heftier descendant. It spans Crystal Springs Creek on SE Nehalem Street, just east of 21st Avenue in the Sellwood Moreland neighborhood. This view is to the west on Nehalem.

A2009-009.2780 Bridge Repair on SE 21st and Nehalem 1931(City of Portland Archives)

NE Union & Beech, 1929

Feig’s Furnace and Sheet Metal Works is no longer open on the southeast corner of NE Union Avenue & Beech Street. But if Google street view is to be believed, this building is being renovated for a new business venture with its false front intact. The home behind it, with the visible dormer over the roof on the left, is now the Beech Street Parlor restaurant.

A2009-009.1012 NE Union & Beech 1929(City of Portland Archives)

Portland Aerial View, 1963

Here’s a pretty aerial view of Southwest and Southeast Portland along the Willamette in 1963. The Marquam Bridge was still under construction and both banks of the river were generally much more industrialized than they are now. Lots of good detail to soak up in this beauty.

A2004-001.1012 Marquam bridge under construction 1963(City of Portland Archives)

NE Union & Schuyler, 1929

It’s been many years since Portland has seen a curbside gas pump like this one. Haugen Motor Service and Red Crown Gasoline  have also been gone for years but it appears this building is still on the northeast corner of NE Union and Schuyler Street, as is the house behind it to the right.

A2009-009.1803 NE Union & Schuyler 1929(City of Portland Archives)

208-210 NW Couch St, c1933

This photo is identified as “Alex Klonoff 2nd Hand Goods, 208-210 NW Couch St.” Mr. Klonoff seems to have run a well-stocked logger supply store from what is now the Couch Street entrance to the Spyce Gentlemen’s Club. The stairway on the left may have led to an upstairs hotel but is now the long-gone but artistically gated Couch St. Gallery.

A2008-001.58  Exterior view of Alex Klonoff 2nd Hand Goods  208-210 NW Couch St 1931(City of Portland Archives)

SW Yamhill & Park, 1933

We’ve seen this view before but different vehicles make the scene unique. Looking south on SW Park Avenue from SW Yamhill, a Meier & Frank delivery truck is seen at center with a Rose City Pies delivery van parked at the curb. The car on the left curb has a “Walker’s” logo on the spare tire and it looks like a Jantzen girl figure in the center of the spare. The Admiral Hotel is visible across SW Taylor and beyond is the Old Heathman Hotel.

A2005-001.494  SW Park Ave south from Yamhill St 02 1933(City of Portland Archives)

St Johns Bridge Construction, c1930

East side approach ramp construction was underway in this circa 1930 photo of the St. Johns Bridge. Cabling and main bridge decking had not yet started. The old St. Johns City Hall building on the left was covered with ivy and a fountain once flowed in the street.

A2009-009.863 St Johns Bridge construction south from N Burlington c1930(City of Portland Archives)