14 thoughts on “SE Belmont & 28th, 1940

  1. Here’s how it looks today. Surprisingly there appears to be less foliage today than in the older photo. That’s quite a contrast to some of the other early photos we’ve seen on this site where landscaping is new and just taking hold.


  2. Down around 30th, it looks like there is a worker up a powerpole, or maybe even 3 on separate poles. No bucket lift trucks back then!

  3. Oh, how I would love to stroll along this quiet street on an overcast Portland afternoon so long ago.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to seeing if you’d post a picture of 28th & Belmont, because the huge gray house on the SE corner was recently demolished. Unfortunately, this historic photo doesn’t show it (trees) but the current “street view” still does.

  5. If you look closely you’ll see the streetcar tracks are not coming down 28th but are joining Belmont at an angle after crossing the lot on the northwest corner of Belmont and 28th.

    This line left Morrison where Morrison jogs at 26th and then angled across the middle of two blocks until joining Belmont here. A section of those tracks are still there today.

    Also, you can see how the curb begins curving away from Belmont on the northeast corner (next to the house in the photo) to accommodate the tracks joining the right-of-way. That curb/sidewalk still shows this today as can be seen (though not easily — try moving back or up 28th just a bit) in Jim’s link above.

  6. There are also tracks dead ending in a driveway on Morrison at the southeast corner of Lone Fire Cemetary

  7. In this photo just off to the left is a grand old house that was just demolished recently….such a sad waste. Also the big house on the right in the picture no longer stands and has been replaced by a laundry mat that has been out of business for while now.

  8. are you guys talking about the beautiful old house that was right on the corner of 28th and Belmont? The house with the brick going around it that is obscured by trees in this photo? I haven’t been over there in a little bit, but that breaks my heart. Let me guess, another overpriced, tacky, 5 story apartment building, right? I hate what this city is becoming.

  9. No, actually. The big grey house is being replaced by four houses! You’d think that on Belmont, with the transit and all, they’d build apartments. And they could, but the zoning would only allow 10 units in that R-1 zone, so I guess they’d make more profit from four single family houses.

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