SE 21st Ave & Taggart, 1934

The owners of this house at SE 21st & Taggart ran a tidy little vegetable and grocery stand out front in 1934. It probably helped them get through the Depression years. It appears it was “Taggert” with an “e” back then; now it’s spelled “Taggart” with an “a.”

A2009-009.232 SE 21st Ave and Taggart St 1934(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “SE 21st Ave & Taggart, 1934

  1. The house as not been moved. It just looks like it is farther back look from the side. you can see the original sidewalk. Plus the veggie stand takes up the whole yard.

  2. There are a number of houses nearby that have a small storefront building out in front of the porch.

  3. Jill-O and Greg: Here’s something that’s really easy to miss: if you look at the top left side of the Google maps screen you’ll see a printer and a chain icon. Click the chain icon, a window will up and you’ll see the URL for the map or view you’re in. At the top left of the window you’ll see a check box that says [ ] Short URL. I don’t know how Google expects anyone to find this but it’s really useful for posting to messages.

  4. The Peoples Food Store, as it was known, was just down the block from this location and was converted from an older existing store front and house combination. I can remember when it was a new and innovating way to bring your own containers and shop for healthier and less expensive bulk foods, when the doors were opened, back in the late sixties or early seventies. There were many small “Mom & Pop” corner grocers scattered around the S.E. district and the various neighborhoods of the city of Portland. These were a fantastic place for kids to shop for their favorite candies, bubblegum cards and soda pops of that era. Finding a true corner grocer is not that easy anymore and they are becoming tougher to locate with each passing year. “Ladd Circle”, “King’s Grocery and Meat” at the corner of 21st and Clinton, which is now a coffee/sandwich shop of some type and “Ann’s Grocery” at 17th and Clinton were still going strong for many years until time simply caught up with them.

  5. Ann’s grocery at 17th and Clinton got closed down because they were selling cold medicine with ephedrine, used to make meth. The word was they were selling more of that cold medicine than the Fred Meyer stores.

  6. Dave, I used to see that short URL link, but now Google Maps looks different (I did change browsers, not sure if that is it or if they updated and changed some things) and I do not see that option anymore. That’s why I used tiny url.

  7. erik,

    I think the lady at left is holding a handkerchief to her nose – she could just be sneezing. Maybe she was heading to Ann’s grocery at 17th and Clinton (the place Elliott mentions in his comment) 😉

  8. The new Google maps Share changed to bottom right of screen, click the gear icon there. Then you see option to “share and embed map” and thenceforth a check box for “short url”.

    For Street View, it appears you just share the url in browser address bar (which is not very short).

    **End of nerdly nabob**

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