SE Nehalem St & 21st Ave, 1931

You can still drive over this little bridge today, or at least it’s improved and heftier descendant. It spans Crystal Springs Creek on SE Nehalem Street, just east of 21st Avenue in the Sellwood Moreland neighborhood. This view is to the west on Nehalem.

A2009-009.2780 Bridge Repair on SE 21st and Nehalem 1931(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “SE Nehalem St & 21st Ave, 1931

  1. The fellow in the hat with his hands on his hips is probably a grandfather of an Portland Bureau of Environmental Inspector…

  2. No, they’re still there. Just really covered up. used to live in the apartments across the street and grew up around there. Pretty cool photo.

  3. There’s a beautiful secluded area just downstream of the bridge shared by three or four homes. I would have never known it existed if I hadn’t done a streamside wedding there last year!

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