NE Union & Russell, 1929

Mr. Geo. W. Bates would feel right at this location today. His bank building still stands on the southeast corner of N. Union and Russell Street almost completely intact 85 years after this photo was taken.

A2009-009.1820 NE Union & Russell 1929

(City of Portland Archives)

12 thoughts on “NE Union & Russell, 1929

  1. Great photo! Once in later years the home to Interstate Press Printing and just to the north the Lampos Company and across the street the famed Egyptian Theatre….

  2. so, there’s more than one numbers man? this is not the face from that swell Helen Bernhard’s pic a few weeks ago.  that fella to the side looks to be waiting, not just passing by, is he also part of the team? and is that their car?
    i’ve got to hurry of to work, which is across the street, so i’ll be looking at this building all day wondering- who was that numbers man!

  3. It looks like their daily driver is a 1925 Chrysler. Kind of upscale for a municipal assessor’s salary…and with a driver no less!

  4. Bank buildings built up until the Great Depression have an air of permanence and restrained elegance. People expected them to look like banks, not a building that could house any old business. In fact the present US bank in Hollywood was built as the second Yaws Restaurant. The bank wanted the location and made W.P.Yaw an offer he couldn’t refuse and used the money to build the third (the most famous one)Yaws Restaurant and Drive In between 39th and 40th Ave.

  5. What’s strange is it seems as if the street was deepened. If you look at Dave’s link to the current view, you’ll see that below that vent on the NW corner of the building there is what looks like a concrete foundation. In the old photo, the vent hits right up to the sidewalk, as well as the brick walls. Did they deepen the street or something? Very strange…

  6. @Mike D: If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see the grate is sitting just above the same concrete foundation. However, the color matches the color of the sidewalk so well that it gives the illusion that the base of the foundation (dark line) is a seem in a wider sidewalk, but it isn’t.

  7. this building has been renovated recently and now houses Fish People. The developers have brought back some of the original features like the archways and open beam ceiling and have kept the bank vaults in tact using them for storage. I’d love to use this photo in my upcoming article in the Eliot News winter issue in January. How do I get permission to use it?

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