SW Barbur & Lowell, c1933

As a followup to yesterday’s post, we see the same house at 180 Lowell Avenue from the under-construction Barbur Blvd. side. The foundation is gone and it’s up on temporary supports; perhaps it was moved somewhere in the neighborhood and is still around?

A2001-008.24 SW Barbur Blvd at SW Lowell c1933(City of Portland Archives)

15 thoughts on “SW Barbur & Lowell, c1933

  1. I’m pretty sure my neighbor’s house was originally in the Barbur right of way.
    I thought that Barbur also went through a cemetary!

  2. No the cemetery was just east of Barbur Blvd. The old Caruthers Cemetery and Terwillger Park was bordered by Lowell. However the house on the right in today’s post is next to a marked grave. That is why Lowell was never completed from View Point Terrace past Barbur Blvd (Southern Pacific/Red Electric) tracks. The marked grave stone and grave is still there, next to an apple tree. I last saw it about two years ago.


  3. permits for moving buildings were issued, and if found would say where this house went… it would be quite the irony to have this house saved from barbur if we find it was razed for, say, 405!

  4. I am going to go out on a limb…that house is still there but with a new roof and the second floor removed. The bay windows and the structure itself look the same. If you look at a Google Maps at Barbur and Lowell you can see the house where the steps lead up to View Point Terrace from Barbur. The grave I mentioned earlier is at the top of those stairs.

  5. i can’t imagine why someone would remove living space to make a smaller house… but that bay’s fenestration and trim detail is a dead ringer for the bay in the photo. the distance between the front porch and the bay looks a little small, but i think your limb is pretty sturdy.

  6. I checked the house in question in Google maps through Portland Maps. It was built in 1908. The historic permits only go to 1954. If this was 1933 I bet they moved the house up onto the hill and built the retaining wall. The little house on the left did not survive.

  7. Todd:
    I’m almost certain that’s not the same house, assuming I’m looking at the same one you are.I believe you’re talking about the lowest of the three houses next to the staircase (the house closest to Barbur). That house (currently 022 SW Lowell) appears on both the 1908 and 1950 Sanborn maps, so it seems unlikely that it was moved there from across the street in 1933.

  8. We went sleuthing and did not find the grave marker at the top of the stairs above SW Barbur on Lowell (or where Lowell should connect to Barbur….

  9. I found the grave marker just a couple of weeks ago. It’s about 10 feet north of the top of the stairs. Here’s the photo I took:

    Arthur W. Wallace
    Mar 6, 1821

  10. Claudia and I walked over there again and still failed to find the grave marker. Must be overgrown with ivy.

  11. Ok! Found it today, behind a wire-rope fence, covered in ivy. Wonder if there are other graves there, and what the obligations of the current property owner might be. The cemetery was located a block east of Barbur, where a large apartment building (formerly a school) and new condos are now located, so it seems strange that there’s a grave west of Barbur.

  12. Googled the name and dates on the monument and found an entry on the Find A Grave website. It indicates that the property owner is engaged in trying to preserve this site.

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