180 SW Lowell Ave, 1932

This home at 180 SW Lowell Ave at one time sat adjacent to the Southern Pacific Railroad right-of-way, seen here on the left. The right-of-way was acquired by the state highway department in the early 1930s and Barbur Blvd. laid on its path. This home may have been demolished for construction of the highway.

A2009-009.2315 SW Lowell St 1932

(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. Most of the houses seen to the left of the right of way are still there. Including that one story near the trees and fence! This house would be right in the center median of Barbur.

  2. The terrain seems backwards here. Barbur is cut into the side of the West Hills down on Lowell St. Steep grade. They must have done a lot of fill to reverse the grade here.

  3. @rumblefish: this is looking south. The steep grade would be out of frame to the right. As noted by Cyrus, the house in the photo would be in the middle of Barbur Blvd. See Jack’s link (which should have been the short url! 🙂 )which looks to be almost exactly the same vantage point today.

  4. I think rumblefish is right. This appears to be what will later become the corner of SW Corbett and SW Lowell.

    Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 Portland 1908-1909 vol. 2, 1909 (available online to MCL cardholders):

    Sheet 0d: the key sheet depiction of the S.P.R.R right-of-way is inconsistent with the depictions in the more detailed sheets 165, 169, and 176.

    Sheet 165 and Sheet 169 show the S.P.R.R. right-of-way following the current path of Barbur south of out downtown, but arcing deeper into the Corbett/Lair Hill neighborhood, starting at about Gibbs.

    Sheet 176 shows the S.P.R.R. right-of-way running south past the corner of SW Corbett St. and SW Lowell Ave. before it arcs southwestward, through Hamilton, where it soon rejoins the current path of Barbur. It also shows the foot print of a two story dwelling with street address 180 on the property abutting to the S.P.R.R. right-of-way on the west.

    Google Street View 170 SW Lowell http://goo.gl/maps/6nTX4

  5. @Yankee Mate, you can clearly see the houses that are still standing. Those houses front Corbett, but, the shadows show the view is definitely south facing. The roof line on the green house in Jacks (very long) link are exactly the same as the one in the post. Also the dormer to its southern neighbor is visible in both images.

  6. Isn’t the red building in the current street view the old home of the original Crab Bowl? I remember going there as a kid and it was fantastic. Some time after that, I believe it relocated to Tigard for awhile (along with the old painting of the fishermen in the dory). A few years ago, we heard it had moved back (or reopened) at Barbur. The family stopped to check it out, but subsequently “decided to eat elsewhere.” It was a unanimous decision.

  7. Randy C: There is at least one, maybe two radio antennas on the roof. Generally in those days you would need some type of antenna on your radio, but that’s a fairly serious set-up so I would suspect someone who was into long distance (DX) listening, or possibly shortwave. I don’t think it’s a transmitting antenna (which would mean an amateur radio operator).

  8. Yankee Mate: You’re right, I checked out the old SPRR right of way (Sanborn) and it intersects near Corbett and Lowell. Also the address 180 SW Lowell St on Google Maps takes you to the same place verifying your work. Outstanding!

  9. If you look at Sanborn Sheet 176, you’ll see that Corbett is still another half block to the east of the RR right-of-way (and it is still a half block east of Barbur today). 180 Lowell is correctly positioned midway between Corbett and Front (now View Point Terrace).

    I would guess that Barbur was widened to the west at some point to include the Naito Parkway access lane, making that westside slope even steeper. 180 Lowell would be in the Naito lane to my way of thinking. http://goo.gl/maps/eDSTX

  10. Quite pleased to find this photo. This house belonged to my great-grandparents, William McGuffy Bodman and Sarah Jane Ritchey Bodman. He was a businessman, so I have no idea what’s on the roof. I would love to know if this house was moved. I was told it was torn down.

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