18 thoughts on “SE Woodstock Blvd, 1939

  1. I agree with Steph, Looking at the second house on the left, the front entry is coming out the side of the house.

  2. Hi, that appears to be facing west down Woodstock near the SE 70th block. The home with the jerkinhead dormer appears to have been demolished to make way for road improvements intended to remove the 90 degree turns present in the historic photo.

  3. I haven’t driven this since the mid 1960’s and I initially thought 63rd-66th for location because I remembered the approximate location of the curve on Woodstock as about halfway between 39th and 82nd. Here’s another weird memory-for some reason I recall one of the teachers from Reed living near this curve, maybe turn right going east at the curve. I think Jerry or Gerry for a first name and I’ve got him driving something called a Morris Minor Midget. What’s weird is why I remember any of this 50 years later.

  4. I’ve always wondered…why does Woodstock have a bend at this point? Was this two different streets, one coming east from Woodstock, and the other following the streetcar line East of 72nd to Lents, and they just decided to connect them and call them by the same name?

  5. If you look at a map of the area you will see that all the streets on SE 69th Ave. don’t line line up. Two different development plats and possibly two different donation land claims. The whole city has lots of streets that don’t line up, and there are streets that disappear in one area only to reappear in another. Look up NE Morris street for a good example. Another one is NE San Rafael street. It starts on Williams Ave, runs to 7th Ave. and then miraculously reappears at 107th Ave leaving a 100 block gap. ????

  6. The first house is 6922 SE woodstock then 6916. Then the white one is 6843 . This is facing west.
    My girlfriend who has lived on Woodstock FOREVER checked this out for me.

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