802 Union Avenue, 1929

Dr. Dearborn’s (see yesterday’s post) neighbor to the immediate north was this home at 802 Union Avenue, by the pre-renumbering system. It did not fare as well as the sanitarium and the site is now a parking lot.

A2009-009.1009 3814 NE Union 1929(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “802 Union Avenue, 1929

  1. Portlandmaps shows the persisting Gladsheim Sanitarium building in yesterday’s post is on the south side of a doublesize lot fronting MLK. I think this house is on the north side of the same lot? Therefore one numberman # for the lot, but 2 buildings on it? Plus, both these buildings are covered in the same creepy vines.

  2. I’d date the house to around 1870’s-80’s. I don’t think that they were too accurate on dwellings per lot in those days, especially on the east side. The numbers man may have also been involved in cataloging these conditions when planning and zoning were in their infancy, as well as right-of way issues.

    I don’t think the vines were even that discriminating…..

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