SE 20th & Belmont, 1965

Here’s what SE 20th Avenue north to Belmont Street looked like in 1965. Since then, there have been more changes to the north of Belmont than to the south, it seems.

A2005-001.946 - SE 20th Ave looking north towards Belmont St 1965(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “SE 20th & Belmont, 1965

  1. Looking back at areas like this (and that might have been me peering out of Grandpa’s ’57 Chevy wagon that day), how things in these neighborhoods are more interesting today- i.e. brew pubs, specialty shops, food carts… Things stay the same, but maybe in a little more colorful way.

  2. I am well familiar with the area having a good friend who lived in 1965 about 3 blocks from where this picture was taken. I like all the cars in the picture, I can identify all of them which is more than I can do with cars made nowadays.The ’64 Chevrolet convertible would be worth a small fortune today. 30 cents would buy a gallon of gas, a quart of milk, a pack of cigarettes or a quart of beer in those days. A great picture that brought back old memories.

  3. I used to drink in that tavern after I turned 21! But for the life of me, I can’t remember it’s name! My friend Bob lived across the street from it. We lived up on the corner of 33rd and Belmont in the big Victorian “castle house” and I went to Washington High on 14th and Stark. I walked to and from school everyday. Wow! My old stompin’ grounds!

  4. Steve, I think the tavern was on the south side, not the Rex Building. Never went to that tavern, but I guess it was torn down unexpectedly, but still remains a vacant lot. And the Rex was fairly recently torn down to make way for apartment bldg.

  5. I had moved to Portland in ’78 from Montana, two of my best friends from Ronan lived in that apartment. They were cool chicks to hang out with. “It’s been a damn short movie, how did we ever get here”

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