Lombard St Pedestrian Overpass, 1965

A curious view of the N. Lombard Street pedestrian overpass over the southbound I-5 on-ramp in 1965. The houses on the bluff above (looking southwest) survived the freeway construction but were razed sometime later to make way for a Fred Meyer store.

A2005-001.384 N Lombard St pedestrian overpass 1965(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “Lombard St Pedestrian Overpass, 1965

  1. As a kid the only thing we missed about having to drive down Interstate Av was, we would no longer see Paul Bunion. The traffic at times on Interstate was awful, stop and go with all the traffic lights.

    This freeway was was greatly appreciated by most people, when it opened, because it saved a lot of time, to go places.

  2. This overpass just goes over the on-ramp. It looks to be very expensive to build and very easy to bypass by just walking in front of the ramp. Was the person or persons who proposed the construction of this run out of town? Were any other of these skateboard wannbe’s built?

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