N Lombard Street, 1932

We’re likely to see our Number Man more often in the near future; he was very busy in the late 1920s-early 1930s. Here he’s documenting N. Lombard Street near Charleston Avenue in this 1932 photo. That appears to be the domed roof of today’s St. Johns Pub in the right background.

A2009-009.2605 N Lombard near Charleston 1932(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “N Lombard Street, 1932

  1. Mike D,

    You’re close. I would move to the left a bit and place this building at the current site of the adjacent guns and ammo store.

    It’s also nice to see the NCR building (McMennamin’s) with a cupola. As I understand it, the cupola was eventually removed from the dome because it apparently leaked like a sieve.

  2. The billboard is really great. The detail of the structure itself is over the top compared to today’s standards. Crown molding!

  3. Ralph Gilman Eichelberger – b. 24 Jan 1877, Ottawa, LaSalle Co, IL
    d. 14 Sep 1945, Portland, OR

    Res. IL to at least 1900; in WA by ca. 1906 thru at least 1920; in Portland, OR by 1930. Occ: Jeweler, Optician

    (extracted from records on Ancestry.com)

  4. Randy C,

    The dance hall building is gone. It’s now a grassy area.

    Mike, after looking into the Portlandmaps info, I’m going to revise my previous statement and guess this building was even further down the block than the guns and ammo shop placing it about where the parking lot for the shop is now.

    I’m guessing that the guns and ammo store has been extensively remodeled, but is just out of frame in this photo. According to the historical permits, it’s the 1910 building referenced by Mike and belonged to the telephone company into the 1970’s.

    So yeah, I’m going to go with the parking lot.

  5. And has anyone noticed that there appear to be two distinct Number Men? One seems to be a little taller, a little slimmer, and little younger. See for yourself: review all the photos filed in the Number Man category.

  6. Sanborn Map Portland 1924-1928 vol. 3, 1924, Sheet 338 (available online to MCL card holders) shows a structure labeled Dance Hall on the southeast corner of N. Jersey and N. Richmond, (street address 103 N. Richmond)

    The photographer was standing on the northeast corner of N Charleston and N Lombard (which is where N Jersey St ends), looking east-southeast.

  7. On the left side of the photo it appears to be a public drinking fountain and perhaps the lower bowl area is for horses?

  8. The dance hall was called “The Harmony” and there is a great picture of it in the city archives. Maybe Dan will post it soon… It’s not right to steal his thunder!

  9. Another piece of history: I taught at the school (James John Elementary built in 1928) that is kitty corner from this spot at the corner of Charleston and Lombard. I also believe the library across the street from our school, the St John’s branch, was up and running by 1932. This neighborhood is full of history.

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