SE Morrison & 6th, 1932

Installation or repair of the streetcar line on SE Morrison causes a bit of a traffic jam, 1932-style. This view look east between 6th and 7th Avenues.

A2009-009.750- Construction on SE Morrison & 6th 1932(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “SE Morrison & 6th, 1932

  1. Wow – I had no idea that Grand Central bowling was named after a historic place.

    Mike D: I wonder if it’s just that Google Maps provides a skewed perspective, since the photos are taken in specific increments, making objects look further than they are?

  2. People interested in the history of the Grand Central Market should google “grand central market connie lenzen.”

    I was surprised they were still investing money in the streetcar in the 1930’s. Wonder if it was a WPA project?

  3. That’s a cool pic. Does anyone know when the Morrison Hotel was built? I’d like to see earlier pics of this site

  4. I wonder if any of the several dozen businesses that were at GC Market when it opened still exist. I didn’t recognize any of the names (listed at the end of Lenzen’s piece).

  5. Looks like Morrison is still “equally” two-way in this picture. I wonder when the mostly-westbound-except-for-one-eastbound-lane striping happened?

  6. Its crazy how wooded the north side of the street is, compared to how industrial it is today.

    Anyone know what the large building on the south side of the street up near 11th was?

  7. I live near NE 28th Avenue – and they recently scraped off all the asphalt and showed off the old trolley tracks – ours were cobblestone. Very beautiful.

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