7 thoughts on “Union Ave & E Burnside, 1929

  1. I go by here every morning on the way to work, either on the 6 or the CL streetcar. In fact, I transfer from either the 12 or the 19 half a block north if this very intersection.

  2. Nowadays they would probably just tear it down faced with a similar situation with a 20 year old building. It was a good thing the Great Depression did not hit four or five years earlier, Portland could have ended up looking very different. Even in the 1920’s labor was cheap in comparison to the cost of materials, today is just the opposite.Labor is around 80% of the cost of remodeling or rehabbing a structure.

  3. Great photo, street widening and streetcar tracks all in one.
    Hope all have a great CHRISTMAS and I’m constantly thankful for this great historical site.

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