NE Union & Thompson, 1929

A winter snow covers the southeast corner of NE Union Avenue and Thompson Street in this 1929 image. Although modernized over the years, the building still retains its basic configuration. The first few houses on Thompson were not so lucky; they’ve been razed to make way for commercial expansion.

A2009-009.1059 NE Union & Thompson 1929(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “NE Union & Thompson, 1929

  1. The dentist’s office on the second floor reminds me of the offices of my first two dentists. One was further down Union and the other one was on 24th & Fremont. Both were on the second floor. In both places it was kind of like walking the gallows’s steps, walking up the dimly lit narrow stairs and the door opening into one open room and the first thing you saw was the chair and the old cable operated drill. Very spooky for a little kid. Nowadays the trip to the dentist is totally different experience and lot more costly.

  2. Agreed Dave. Seriously, who looked at this building and said: “I know what’ll make it look better; we’ll remove every decorative element and most of the windows and turn it into a concrete block.”

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