W Burnside & SW 10th, 1939

The intersection of West Burnside, 10th Avenue and SW Oak street seems to be one of those places that we keep coming back to. The names and details have changed since 1939 but the basic components remain pretty much the same.

A2005-001.718 W Burnside at SW 10th southwest 1939(City of Portland Archives)

11 thoughts on “W Burnside & SW 10th, 1939

  1. Good old Western auto. They not only sold auto parts, they sold wagons and sleds, outboard motors, sporting goods, guns and some hardware items. An auto parts, toy, sporting goods and hardware store rolled into one.

  2. disike that they walled off the side facing burnside,increased windows facing parking lot.makes that side of the buildong cold and impersonal

  3. Hotel Treves, now the Joyce Hotel, built ~1912. A lot of those single room walkup hotels were built in Portland folowing the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition, when the population boomed. The Joyce enjoys quite a reputation these days!

  4. Nearly new Eaglelux Signals proudly on display here too, complete with finials. The city converted the old silver two color ACME signals over to new black 3 color signals in ’38-’39. very few Eagleluxes remain in the city now

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