Ainsworth Elementary School, 1928

Today we get two similar views of Ainsworth Elementary School in 1928. One looks south across the playground toward the homes on SW Spring Street. The other is taken from a bit farther north on SW 21st Avenue, looking toward the school grounds along SW Elm Street.

A2009-009.1496 Ainsworth Elementary School playing field 1928

A2009-009.1497 Side view of Ainsworth Elementary School 1928(City of Portland Archives)

16 thoughts on “Ainsworth Elementary School, 1928

  1. When I was a student there in the late seventies, there was a closet with a tall ceiling in the northeast corner upper floor classroom. Students over the years had shimmied up the walls and left their signatures with dates and little messages for future students. I hope it’s all still there.

  2. House on the right was the Portland Heights Club. Later, a private residence; still later, torn down to make the Ainsworth Green Space.

  3. Thanks, wl. I am a walking tour guide for the Architectural Heritage Center in that neighborhood and my research said it was the Portland Heights Club. However, the very grainy photograph I have of the club doesn’t really look very much like that house. But the house is hard to see through the trees. So I guess that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

  4. My dad grew up in the house just to the left of the house in the photo. He said the Portland Heights Club has a bowling alley in the basement.

  5. Karen, I have 2 excellent shots of the Club boarded up – not sure how to swap them… I’ll try sending them to Dan. I would also be happy to swap info on area in general!

  6. Karen — a year ago, wl said the Portland Heights Club was also the home of WH Fear:

    William and Lucia Fear’s house landscape plans are at OHS, and they confirm the address as 2541 SW Vista:

    in 1913, Fear was president of the Merchant Savings and Trust Company:

    And the Fear family papers are in the special collections of UO:

    Tiny little picture of the house can be seen here, also on Vintage Portland!:

  7. Lefty is right,the Fear house and the PHC are different houses – I blew up a photo showing the back of the PHC, and the window arrangements are different. My apologies. The PHC is the right-hand structure in the photo at top, however. I have the plumbing permits to probe it!

  8. Hi wl, I quoted you only because you had mentioned it. I didn’t mean to imply the houses were different, or were the same… I was mostly trying to identify other sources of info! What makes you think they are different? Do you have an address for the PHC?

  9. Hi Lefty – I was glad you pointed out my error!
    A little known fact (apparently): go to, type in the address of a structure, and under ‘Property’ go to “Historic Permits.” Most, but not always all, of the plumbing permits are there. No building permits, tho… have to go to City Archives for those. I have found many errors re: when county says building was built, and when the plumbing permit was filed!

    The PHC address is 2120 SW Spring St.

  10. wl: I would LOVE to have any pics of the Portland Heights Club, and to swap info on the neighborhood. Call the Architectural Heritage Center and leave your email address, and I will get in touch with you. Their number is 503-231-7264.

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