E Burnside & SE 18th Avenue, 1929

On the sunny day in 1929 when our Number Man documented the corner at SE 14th Avenue, he probably made his way four blocks east on E. Burnside to get this photo at 18th Avenue. The building is still intact and home to East Burn.

A2009-009.1088 E Burnside & 18th 1929(City of Portland Archives)

15 thoughts on “E Burnside & SE 18th Avenue, 1929

  1. The billboard on the lot next door doesn’t seem oriented to get many viewers — set back from the street and parallel to it.

  2. I like Jill-O was curious about him and found he designed the home that was his residence in Lake Oswego. The house looks like a mini Timberline Lodge in the pictures. It was unfortunately demolished in 2000. It is unfortunate that some people do not treasure the past.

  3. To Mike’s question:

    Seems reasonable, since that is a Meat Market! Perhaps they hung meat in the show window. Seems like, with single pane glass, that wouldn’t work very well. Maybe that’s why you don’t see meat in this picture.

  4. I was thinking also that they were plumbing for a mist, for vegetables. But i am still wondering what they actually were. Its great you can go inside! You can even go in the basement! that is such a cool feature. Great photo, thanks.

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