USS Portland Under St. Johns Bridge, 1933

VP fan Lefty did his investigative work and dug out the fact that Monday’s photo of the USS Portland passing under the St. Johns Bridge was in fact taken in 1933 and not the posted date of 1937. Below is the photo from The Oregonian of October 27, 1933, taken just seconds before Monday’s image. Lefty was also correct in spotting the sailor standing on the yardarm near the top of the main mast. Click here to read the entire article regarding the ship’s visit to Portland.

uss portland detail 19331027(The Oregonian. Retrieved from

2 thoughts on “USS Portland Under St. Johns Bridge, 1933

  1. I just got out of a day in the woods to find this. That is some kind of awesome sauce! Thanks Dan! Please keep on posting up interesting photos and challenges for the VP peanut gallery!

  2. The USS Portland CL33 departed from Portland, OR., on the day following Navy Day (Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday) October 26, 1933, under the command of Capt. H.F. Leary. A photo postcard printed by CROSS & DIMMITT No. 303 was printed and sold. The card depicted the heavy cruiser passing under the St. John’s Bridge.

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