W Burnside & NW 10th, 1927

In 1927 you may have come to the corner of West Burnside and NW 10th Avenue to stay at the hotel or do business with the Empire Transfer & Storage company. In the 1950s and 60s you might have watched your favorite KISN DJ through the “Window of the World.” Today you’re likely to buy your Dr. Martens shoes here.

W Burnside St and N 10th 1927(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “W Burnside & NW 10th, 1927

  1. Ah yes, My cousin and I spent many many hours standing in front of the window watching Tiger Tom Murphy, Dave Record Stone, Pat Pattee and many others there. I had the time to do that while my folks worked at their store on Taylor and 10th…….

  2. The obvious answer is “Circuit Breaker”. Having something to do with location of an overcurrent protection device serving the electrictrolley.
    I was more amused to see the large service loop of wire coming off the streetlamp. Made for changing the bulbs easier….

  3. Portland just can’t make up it’s mind. First they put streetcar tracks in. 50 years later they tear them out.100 years later they put them back in again.
    I have a bunch of the KISN top 50 hits leaflets from the early and mid 60’s in my attic somewhere. About the size of a page from a BiMart coupon book folded in the middle.

  4. I recall many a late night going up Burnside to the Campbell Hill for the night and getting a wave back from whoever was on the air. When I was sent to Vietnam in 1966 I wrote for and received back a reel of KISN recorded music and talk to listen to.

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