EE Lytle Home, c1910

The E.E. Lytle home once stood on the southwest corner of Northwest 24th Avenue at Johnson Street. This great home is gone but it appears the two other homes seen here, its neighbor to the west and the one across Johnson street, are still with us.

ee lytle home 175 nw 24th street 20758 1910(University of Oregon Libraries)

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  1. After Mr. Lytle relocated his family to an even larger residence in Irvington, this dignified house became a dormitory for the Hill Military Academy. When the military academy relocated to Rocky Butte, this house became a boarding house and was razed after years of gradual deterioration. House is attributed to architects Whidden & Lewis.

  2. The Columbia Southern Railroad up the Deschutes was known as “Lytle’s Folly:'s%20folly&pg=PA1919#v=onepage&q=lytle's%20folly&f=false

    Picture and more Columbia Southern Railroad info:

    Shaniko Hotel was originally the Columbia Southern:

    Lake Lytle near Tillamook OR named after him:

    He changed the name of Balm, OR to Mohler…,_Oregon

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