7 thoughts on “NE Union & Russell, 1929

  1. Maybe it’s too early and/or I haven’t had enough coffee, but I’m finding it hard to determine exactly on which corner this building stood/stands. Either here, which is now the Nike parking lot: http://goo.gl/maps/ligX4

    Or here, in which case the building still stands (Portlandmaps says built in 1925), though heavily remodeled: http://goo.gl/maps/LyXmu

  2. Judging by the shadows this would be the northeast corner, so it’s the parking lot now. Also, this building is visible in the other photo linked in the post, although, like the one on Union last week, this one has also been “truncated” with a new front facade by 1937 due to the widening of Union/MLK.

  3. @EcoGrrl: Aside from the shawdows that you woudln’t get on the west side of the street, in the photo above you can see the street sign clearly. With that building you could be walking along it’s side on Russell St and make a right-turn onto Union/MLK and be walking along its front. There is no way that is possible with the mirror-image setting of the Goldrush buidling

    In other words, from the combination of Russell and Union street signs, logically this building can only be on either the NE corner or SW corner but definitely not on the NW corner as is Goldrush.

  4. it’s certain to be the location of the nike corner lot. some differences from it’s previous post are the awnings, the sign on the corner edge and the spacing of the windows.

    the spacing of the front windows on the building with the Goldrush also got evened out with the street widening, as many certainly did, but that’s across the street and south a little as Russell does a shift crossing Union/MLK.
    inside they’ve got some bigger pics from the area and some with Mister Numbers. (he’s kind of eerie in multiples.)

  5. obviously slow to the clicking the ‘post’ button and no coffee yet either as the windows are quite PLAINLY evenly placed on this building in ’29. although the windows in ’37 look spaced differently. or is it just the shadows looking that way?
    (so much clicking back and forth I got dizzy and confused?)

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