5 thoughts on “SE 28th Avenue, 1923

  1. The house on the right at SE Shiller is still there as is the big house farther down on the left at the corner (NW) of SE Long St.

    I think the smaller house in front of the bigger one on the left that is hard to see is also still there on the near side of SE Long St. (SW corner). The roof line and location match the older house that is there today.

  2. Redeye: There’s a little orange-ish stick figure above the zoom in/zoom out option on Google Maps. You can drag and drop him on a street to give the street view, then click on the chain link button on the left to shorten your link. Don’t feel too bad, I only figured this out a couple of months ago. 😉

  3. lambert gardens was located on 28th from 1925-1968 20 acre botanical garden.owner offered it to the city,was rebuffed and up went a bunch of apartments,

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