5 thoughts on “SE Foster & 66th, 1923

  1. I can see Bar Carlo just “above” the nearest car, as well as The Bob White Theater (I think) just past it. Big pine trees from Laurelwood Park can be seen past Bob White, but I’m not sure if the Freemason Lodge has been built at this time yet or not.

    The nearest two buildings on the left have been replaced, though maybe the third and definitely the fourth are still around. Pretty sure the two closest buildings on the right aren’t with us still, unless one has been heavily re-fronted.

    I’d love to see if you have the east-facing photo from the same spot, particularly if the then-brand-new Phoenix Pharmacy is in it.

  2. Correction, almost all the buildings in this picture are still around, except for the two or three closest ones on the left.

    Also, this picture is probably documenting the installation of new sidewalks. The ones on Foster were installed in the early 20s, and most of them still have the dates on the corner pieces.

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