13 thoughts on “SE Morrison & 9th Avenue, 1929

  1. And 100 years later we have the “skinny houses”, which really aren’t all that different, except that most of them have a garage now.

  2. Hi Tom,
    You might have one extra zero there…
    Its stunning in todays world to know just how low prices of property were back then.

  3. in the 70’s you could buy some run down homes in the area of Fremont and Union ( MLK) for less than $3,000.00

  4. They are probably about 40-45 years old in this picture. These houses have no real foundation.They are built on upright posts most likely just set on the ground like pilings.This one of the reason they have deteriorated. And the maintenance work looks really deferred. I have worked on houses that were worth over 1\2m million dollars on Mt Tabor that are built on top of logs(like log cabin logs) and the original well is now in the crawl space under one of the additions to house. There is still a lot of non standard houses in the older parts of Portland.

  5. (…problem is, a lot of the “skinny houses” are also duplexes which, when you’ve got four of them built onto a lot formerly with one house (like on my street), means 8 times as many people and a lot more crowded street…)

    Always intrigued at houses so insanely close together – might as well be in an apartment and at least get the insulation!

  6. So what’s with the board nailing two of the homes together, and the third house appears to be a duplex (two mailboxes)

  7. Looking in the upper right corner, you can see the top of the Melcliff Apartments on 12th peeking over the houses. In the Google view, you can recognize the same roofline, with the “penthouse” structure for the stairwell. The Melcliff is still in very good condition. It’s a brick structure, though.

  8. How old do you suppose that tree was in ’29?

    In all honesty, some of the newer skinny houses do have some character.

  9. There was a spring fed pond just about in this area back before the east side was developed. The creek not sure if it connected the pond was asylum creek.

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