NE Sandy & 24th, 1932

These generously wide sidewalks along NE Sandy Blvd at 24th Avenue are a thing of the distant past. Street widening projects plus replacement of these buildings have left significantly narrower sidewalks today.

NE Sandy looking northeast from 24th Ave 1932(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “NE Sandy & 24th, 1932

  1. If you look at it today you will see they took out almost all the sidewalk to the right and the buildings are still there on the left .,NE+Sandy+Blvd+%26+NE+24th+Ave,+Portland,+OR+97232&gl=us&ei=1ExlUuzlMaakiQL-hYHYBw&ved=0CCkQ8gEwAA
    Considering when cement sidewalks and curbs were first installed in this part of Portland they were tearing up infrastructure that was at most maybe 15 years old. In the last 60 years I have seen Sandy torn up more times than I can remember. They ought to rename the slogan to “the city that tears up Sandy Blvd every few years”.

  2. Looks like the same wooden telephone pole too. And could that bit of building just peaking out on the left be the Castle Rose apartments?

  3. You could make a nice cycle track out of those sidewalks, but I’d guess they were made that way so stores could put stuff outside for passers-by to purchase.

    Greg: If you look at the left side panel on Google near the top you’ll see a printer icon and to the right of it a chain. If you click the chain Maps will open a little window that lets you copy the URL. If you put a click in the Short URL check box you get something like this Most people have no idea any of that is there.

  4. I would say the wider sidewalks in the historic picture were just a placeholder for a wider roadway (curb to curb). They’d get these incremental widenings by requiring setbacks on new buildings, as I assume those in the historic picture on the right are. They’d make it a wider sidewalk in the interim, expecting that when enough buildings were out of the way, they’d then move the curb, narrowing the sidewalk back to the width it was before (about 12 feet, usually). I’m guessing the current sidewalk there (except at the curb extensions), is about 10-12 feet.

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