W Burnside, 10th & Oak, 1947

This view facing east on W. Burnside at 10th and Oak doesn’t look much different from the air today. Perhaps the greatest change is the addition of two large buildings on the blocks northeast and southwest of SW 9th & Oak. The shadow at the very bottom indicates this photo may have been taken from a blimp.

Aerial of W Burnside, Tenth Ave and Oak St 1947(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “W Burnside, 10th & Oak, 1947

  1. This pic shows the Woolach Bros. electric building has a rooftop sign in the same spot where Livingroom Theaters has theirs. I’ve to see a pic that shows the tower that was at that spot when it was eventually a Goodyear Tires!

  2. Good picture of the block before before the Oak Street building went up.

    “PT&T Plans New Building
    Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company announced preliminary plans Wednesday for the construction of a $4,000,000 11 story building on the vacant L-shaped site recently acquired at SW Oak Street and Park avenue.

    Actual construction, he said, is scheduled to start next year with completion set for 1950.”
    The Oregonian, April 14 1947, page 1

  3. It’s ironic that the block bounded by 10th and 9th and Oak and Stark did a reversal in buildings vs parking lot. Today, the former Portland branch of the San Francisco Federal Reserve bank sits where the parking lot was, and all of the 1947 buildings on the block have been replaced with a parking lot.

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