Atkinson School, c1892

Atkinson School was Portland’s first high school; it opened in 1869 with 45 students and two teachers. Originally called North School, another school was built even farther north in about 1890, creating confusion. The school took up the entire block between NW 11th & 12th Avenues, Couch and Davis Streets. This view is southwest at 11th and Davis. It was demolished in 1941.

A2004-002.3077 atkinson public school c1892(City of Portland Archives)

6 thoughts on “Atkinson School, c1892

  1. The high school apparently moved around quite a bit from its inception.

    All info below is from Wikipedia.

    1869: The first high school was established at the above site, then known as North Central School. Apparently, the high school was on the upper floors, while lower grades were on the ground floor.

    1873: The high school moved to Central School located where Pioneer Courthouse Square is today. This year is also the year the Pioneer Courthouse (post-office, etc.) was opened.

    1878: The high school moved to Park School (also referred to as Ladd School). This school was located at the site of today’s Portland Art Museum.

    1885: The new Portland High School was built at SW 14th and Morrison. It was renamed Lincoln High in 1909. I believe this building was demolished in 1928.

    1912: Lincoln High School moved back to the park blocks (though further South and on the opposite side of the blocks) into a new building that was constructed in 1912. This building is now known as Lincoln Hall and is the cornerstone of the PSU campus.

    1950: The current Lincoln High School opened at the old site of the Jacob Kamm property at 14th and Salmon.

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