Rose Festival Parade, 1915

This photo is identified as being of the 1915 Rose Festival Parade along N. (now NW) 6th Avenue. Ads in The Oregonian show The Nickelodeon theater on SW 6th between Alder and Washington, across from The Oregonian Building. Had The Nickelodeon moved north of Burnside by 1915? Is this photo totally mislabeled? A mystery to be solved!

Found: SE Grand at Morrison.

Rose Festival Parade on N Sixth St (NW Sixth) 1915(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “Rose Festival Parade, 1915

  1. I haven’t seen other pictures showing a stand of good-sized Douglas firs along NW 6th in 1915. Or SW 6th. As for the Nickelodeon Theater, this one is spelled Nickelodion (really Nickel??ion), and may be an arcade of literal nickelodeons, elaborate music boxes that played a tune for a nickel. I don’t know where this might be.

  2. Adding to the case about this not being NW 6th is that here there is a slight rise in the street towards the distance. NW 6th is pretty level. The sign on the store on this side of the nickelodeon looks like it says Prescott Drugs. Was there ever such a store in Portland? Also, take a look to the right of the chimney of the building visible above the streetcar. It looks like part of a wooded rise in the distance. This certainly is a mystery photo but I doubt that it shows NW 6th Ave.

  3. The picture is looking South on Grand from Morrison. The building on the right was called the Healy Building, it was on the SW corner of Grand & Morrison and was demolished to make way for the bridge ramps. Here’s a link to a picture of it from the Oregonian Archives.

  4. looks like fun!

    “Arrangements Made for Formation and Route of Procession Announced.”
    “Pageant Will Be Four Miles Long and Traverse All Principle Business Streets – Music All Day Will Be Provided.”
    [runs all over downtown and then] “across Burnside bridge to Grand avenue, south on Grand avenue”[all the way to Madison]
    Oregonian, June 10th, 1915, page 6, as part of Grand Floral Parade.
    There was a children’s parade on June 9 on Grand Avenue.
    On June 11, there was a Military Parade in the morning and the Grand Electric Parade in the evening, bringing the Rose Festival to a close.

  5. @Demolished Portland: Nice find. I didn’t think it looked like the west side so that makes a lot more sense. oldoregon’s find confirms it.

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