19 thoughts on “SE Powell & 39th Avenue, 1937

  1. Another great scene from the past. Suspenders, hats, the bench outside the shop, miniature traffic lights and two competing oil companies on just about every corner (with a mini-mart!).

  2. In my day, this was Mama Mia’s pizza and 27 cent gallon gas and a 13 cent pack of cigarettes…

  3. I seem to recall the 76 still there in 1964 when they were passing out those little round Styrofoam 76 logo antenna balls.

  4. I recall that there was one of those magnificent Regal gas stations on the NE corner of this intersection. They sold everything from chaise lounges to yard tools here.Located on the SW corner was Pierries Italian deli. I’ll never forget the wonderful aroma that would hit you as you walked thru the front door. We used to buy the most excellent pizzas here that were cut into small squares rather than triangular as is the norm. My folks also used to buy minnestrone in glass gallon containers. They knew the owner as they all grew up together in the Italian neighborhood near Commerce high school, which is now of course Cleveland.

  5. I can’t see the Pierries building in the photo. Their pizza is one of those memories I dearly miss. Any family members out there? Please bring back the pizza of my dreams.

  6. The 1935 picture of this corner showed it as a different oil company but the bench in front was there.

    Tried to link that vp entry but my post never appeared?

  7. I so agree with Joan..Loved Pierre’s pizza! Very different from anything around now. It was also the coolest real deli around. Closest thing to that now is Martinotti’s deli downtown.

  8. I do remember Loris Pieri. I worked for him in high school at his restaurant and a some at the deli. Great pizza to eat and make, especially in the squares. Always think of him when I heading by those two buildings.

  9. Pierre had the best pizza ever. As a young woman I loved going to Pierre and Rosa’s Deli. The smells were Devine.

  10. I miss Pierre’s REAL ITALIAN sausages. My family shopped there for 4 generations. I got so spoiled that I can’t eat any other sausage nor have I eaten Italian sausage since. They never put that nasty fennel in it, and it was steeped in flavor. I would love to find out if any of the family members are still making that sausage. I would pay any amount of money for it.

  11. Wow Guys! I am thrilled to see so many Pierre’s pizza fans! I too dearly miss the smell when you opened up that front door. I remember purchasing their pizza cheese in bags that we could take home and spread on homemade pizza. Remarkably it was just Monterrey Jack and Romano cheese with enough herbs to turn the pizza green! I remember they closed shop on the weekend before our wedding on Nov. 7th 1987, so we ordered 2 stacks of pizzas for our rehearsal dinner. Who even makes pizza like that anymore? Cutting pepperoni and salami lengthwise! Baked with bursting pepperoncini peppers!

  12. I am the granddaughter of Loris Pieri! Reading all these comments about how everyone loved my grandparents and their food made me cry! We still use my grandfathers recipes today. Maybe one day I can compile them into a book and share them with those of you who would want to recreate his food<3

  13. Wow. Amazing how these things all have a thread. My first job was at Pieri’s Lacantina down on 25th and Powell around 1977. Great guy for a boss and funny. Had a nickname for everyone. Mine was MR. Gandhi, although I’m pretty sure I didn’t look like him.

  14. Gina Pieri, your grandparents were my brother’s godparents. I have wonderful memories of going to their deli as a family, especially around Christmas. Your grandparents’ deli was the only place my mom could find dried cod for one of her traditional Christmas Eve dishes. My memory is that one of their kid’s name was Italo. If I’m right, is that your dad or an uncle? I hope you don’t mind my questions.

  15. Anna Baiocco Druse, your comment made my dad and me so happy! Italo is my dad, and he remembers your family fondly. If you would want to reach out please email me at ginapieri99@gmail.com, we would love to catch up talk about old stories:)

  16. Hey Gina, he did indeed. Had a unique way of asking if you were being lazy, which I cannot share on this forum. But a great guy nontheless.

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