NE 12th & Burnside, 1937

We capture a moment in time as a gentleman is about to take a step to cross NE 12th Avenue at E. Burnside St. This view is looking south down 12th in 1937. The same intersection can be seen in this 1939 aerial view to give it a wider perspective. The Fairview Farms billboard in today’s photo advertised 7Up in the aerial photo.

A2005-001.829 NE Sandy, Burnside and 12th south 1937(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “NE 12th & Burnside, 1937

  1. Looks like they replaced that billboard by the time it had the 7-Up ad in 1939. It’s considerably wider in the aerial photo (has 7 lights instead of 5).

  2. The good old days, when milk was delivered to your door. Don’t know if Fairview Farms was still around in the 50’s but I remember the white Alpenrose Dairy milk box on our front porch. You filled out your order slip, put it and the empty bottles in the box and magically when you opened the box the next morning there was milk in it. No half asleep early morning milk runs like in today’s world.

  3. Is it me or does it just look so tranquil? The ladies crossing the road on the right, the low set billboards with messages from local dairies and bakeries, the clear crisp winter morn? I wasn’t even around then, but from the pictures on this site and others, PDX looked liked it weathered the past pretty well. Maybe I’m over nostalgic. Hmmm…

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