Lloyd Center Construction, 1959

Construction of the Lloyd Center shopping center is just getting underway in the nice 1959 aerial photo. Holladay Park is one of the few identifiable features left today. This view looks to the northwest.

A2010-002.214 Aerial view Lloyd Center construction 1959(City of Portland Archives)

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  1. I watched them build Lloyd Center out my grade school window. I went to the old Holliday Grade School on 7th Ave. south of Halsey St. My mom said every day I would come and tell her what I saw that day.

  2. I was a sophomore at Benson and lived on 12th in the big house behind the Arco station on Broadway. I watched Lloyd Center go up right before my eyes!

  3. So what store was originally where Sears is today?? I remember Sears used to be in the current Metro HQ on Grand and Lloyd Blvd.
    The two memories are hand in hand. Sears and then to Lloyd Center.

  4. Everytime I think of Lloyd Center, I remember their original advertising slogan: It Never Rains at Lloyd Center!

    I also remember a few people saying things like: “It’s so far out of town…who would ever travel all the way over there just to go shopping?” Funny…so FAR out of town, eh?

  5. Covered Parking for 10,000 Sleighs! In the early ’60’s you had to go to the deli at Lloyd Center for fresh baked bagels.

  6. JC Penney used to be where Sears is today. I have a funny story about LC and Christmas. They used to have live animals in the exhibits at Christmas time, sheep – goats -reindeer and probably some other ones that I can’t remember. Anyway after I moved out of my folk’s house which was on NE 31st and Siskyou, I used to stop in to visit with my mom in the afternoons. There was a very large picture window in the living room opposite the couch. I stopped in one day in early January and sat down on the couch and my mom had gone into the kitchen to get some coffee. I was looking out the window when suddenly a reindeer came running across the yard an went running up the street. I yelled too my mom who thought i was crazy. With both of us looking out the window we saw three pu trucks go racing up the street with a bunch of people with nets in then direction the reindeer had gone. What had happened was in moving the animals out of Lloyd center the reindeer had escaped. Sadly in the capture of the reindeer it’s leg got broken and they had to put it down. But for a minute there I doubting my sanity.

  7. Lloyd Center was wonderful place for me to go during the Holiday Season back in the sixties. With all the Christmas décor in the open air Mall, the cool crisp breeze wafting through the smell of roasted nuts and Carmel corn. All my senses were overwhelmed while I looked through the railing at the skaters below; watching them twirl to the Holiday music of the day. It was all very exciting for a little guy of seven .

  8. Hey Greg…it’s Phil again. That’s an incredible recollection. So it ran right up 31st ave….up to Klickitat?

  9. I’m wondering what all those apparent towers are in the top center of the field of view. There are hundreds of them! ??? I do remember some lots in town where lineman could practice climbing power poles…they had several poles installed but not that many.

  10. They look the support columns that are in the underground parking. If you look at the picture closely you will see the area is dug out.

  11. Lots of good stories here. We lived in the sticks and a couple of times a year we would visit the Sears store on Grand.It was always a big event.Of course, after Lloyd Center arrived, Sears was kinda of a dreary place.

    “Fawn Escapes Lloyd Center
    Portland Police Friday discredited reports that a reindeer escaped from Santa’s sleigh.

    A long distance Oregonian phone call to the North Pole confirmed that none of Santa’s reindeer escaped as he made his rounds here, and in face, all are safely back at the North Pole.
    It took six powerful members of “Portland’s finest” to corral the fawn and get it into a paddy wagon. One officer reported being ”charged several times” by the desperate animal.
    The deer was returned to the Lloyd Center.“

    Oregonian, 12/26/1965, page 46

  12. A neighbor reports:
    “The space to just the east of Holladay Park was a huge hole in the ground and used as an amphitheater. To dig out the dirt for the underground parking for Lloyd Center, the hole was filled.”

  13. Loved the holiday shopping with my gram there as a kid when it was still open air, and remember when they (ugh) covered it up at the end of high school. Great seeing everyone’s comments about their own experiences!

  14. I think Woolworths was across from J.C. Penney back in the day. Now it is Marshalls I think. Anyone else remember the buffet at Newberrys that was right where you came in from the east entrance? Does anyone else remember the automat that was in the lower parking lot on the west side of Meier and Frank I think it was? So many memories of the old Lloyd Center.

  15. I attended Benson Tech in the 70’s and recall walking through LC each day. The smell of caramel corn from Joe Browns was always wonderful. Anyone remember Goldbergs restaurant?

  16. So cool! My grandparents both worked at Sears on Lloyd and Grand. They met and eventually married while working there. My grandmother ended up working in administration for Lloyd center when it opened and i remember visiting her many times as a child in the 70’s. Yes, like everybody else my most vivid memories are of the christmas season.

  17. My Dad was a firefighter at the LLoyd station on Weidler. Christmas was always the See’s Candy Store and the Kodak Print Shop, getting the slides developed. The guys used to buy their groceries at the Safeway just across the block.

  18. The “hole used as an ampitheater” was originally excavated for a hotel to be built, but was cancelled because of WW2. The ampitheater was called Holladay Bowl and was the venue for operettas such as “Blossom Time”, and a number of Gilbert and Sullivan productions. I played in the pit orchestra for many of those.

  19. back in the 60s my grandmother worked at goldbergs reastarant the one at the loyed center she carved the meat,, when i was a kid my mom took me there to have lunch,, it was a great place ,,

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