Portland Harbor, 1910

This vision for Portland’s bridges across the Willamette River greeted The Oregonian readers on the first day of 1910. The Broadway Bridge at bottom had not been built yet. The illustration shows the industrial nature of Portland’s waterfront at that time, and the reliance on sailing ships to move cargo to and from distant ports.

bridges 19100101(The Oregonian, University of Oregon Libraries)

5 thoughts on “Portland Harbor, 1910

  1. The Broadway and Hawthorne bridges look different than actually built and the Burnside and Morrison bridges have since been replaced. The only bridge that looks the same in the illustration is the Steel bridge which is privately, not publicly owned.

  2. I like how “traffic on Morrison Bridge” is overwhelmingly on foot. Also, the steamboats towing the grain ship into port—what a fantastic scene!

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