NE 20th & Sandy, 1965

It seems as if some areas stubbornly refuse to change over the decades. NE 20th Avenue north from Sandy Blvd. is one of those places. That giant Jantzen billboard is gone but the fine old Jantzen building a block up at Glisan is still there.

A2005-001.944 NE 20th north from Sandy 1965(City of Portland Archives)

7 thoughts on “NE 20th & Sandy, 1965

  1. The big building on the left one block off Sandy Is now has doctors offices. Also there are four brands of automobiles in the picture that no longer exist. This is about the time I started to learn to drive and I remember this intersection to always be busy, it still is today.

  2. VW bug across from the Mustang near that building.

    The cars of this era are so distinctive. I would be hard pressed to tell apart any of the Asian imports on the street today.

  3. And the fourth one is the Plymouth Valiant on Sandy to the left of the Chevrolet in the intersection. And nowadays I couldn’t tell you what kind of car I am looking at but any mid 50’s to mid 70’s American made car I am willing to bet on money I can identify.Congratulations to the other posters who could identify the cars, my hat is off to you.

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