Hayden Island, 1973

The east end of Hayden Island is shown in this 1973 aerial photo where it meets Tomahawk Island, now joined together. Tomahawk Island was once named Sand Island and was the site of the Lotus Isle amusement park referenced in yesterday’s post. The pilings at bottom center are remnants of the bridge that joined Lotus Isle with Faloma and carried the streetcar.

hayden island complex-NARA-548023 1973(National Archives)

9 thoughts on “Hayden Island, 1973

  1. A lot has changed in 40 years. The old Waddles sign is still standing although it is now Hooters. When I was a kid it and the Big Dipper meant we were closing in on Jantzen Beach Park for a day of summer fun. Up until my 30’s I could count on both hands the times that I had been across the Interstate Bridge. Notice the very light freeway traffic, although this was at the height of the Arab oil embargo interstate 5 was not the rail line of bumper to bumper trucks from the Mexican to Canadian border in those days. I can remember getting on I80 at 33rd and getting off at Columbia Blvd on I5 5-6 minutes later at 3:30 in the afternoon. Couldn’t do that today even at 3:00 in the morning.
    I was sad when they demolished Jantzen Beach Park and built the Mall, which has since been demolished and rebuilt. So many memories of it, the Dipper & all the other rides, the midway which had a shooting gallery with real .22 rifles. the picnic areas and of course the swimming pools. Oh well, at least Oaks Park is still around which my six year old granddaughter went to last weekend.

  2. This is great. I was born in Vancouver a year after this photo was taken, so i love seeing the old photos and hearing the old stories about our area. I often go to Lotus Isle Park and daydream about what it must have been like to ride the streetcar over the river on old trestles like this. I imagine it was pretty bumpy. Here is the google map image of what these pilings look like today: http://goo.gl/maps/qWrCI

  3. We crossed the bridge all the time and if there was a lift or a accident, the interstate bridge it would become a parking lot.

  4. Nancy, that is one of the hazards of living almost all my life (63yrs) in a 1 1\2 square mile area of Portland. My wife the same. Names get changed but old habits are hard to break. Still call MLK Union Ave, it gets kind of funny when people ask for directions and you are naming streets and freeways that haven’t been on maps for over 20-40 years. Must be Oldtimers setting in.

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