NW 10th Avenue Ramp, 1956

City crews work on the NW 10th Avenue ramp that lead from the old Lovejoy Street ramp down to street level. Both were removed in 1999 in a process that turned this former industrial/rail center into today’s Pearl District.

A1999-004.247 Lovejoy St Viaduct 10th southeast 1956(City of Portland Archives)

9 thoughts on “NW 10th Avenue Ramp, 1956

  1. Matt,

    This would be 10th and Lovejoy today. The Lovejoy ramp used to extend to 14th street, but with development of the Peal District it comes to street grade at Park now.

    The EOFF Electric building remains to this day and the sign still survives (mostly). The large light colored building with the arched windows is gone, but I believe the ground floor facade remains.

  2. The ramp extended to Hoyt St.

    Around the time this picture was taken is when a friend and I used to ride our bicycles almost daily during the summer from SE Portland to this area and others nearby to watch trains.

    The single track you see in the picture is a remnant of the old Oregon Electric commuter line which meandered through parts of downtown Portland on its way south to Tigard and then on to Salem and Eugene. Passenger service ended in 1933 and the segment of the line between Hoyt St. and Tigard was removed soon after, leaving only this stub.

  3. To clarify my comment in conjuction with oldwxwatcher’s comment, the 10th street ramp extended South to Hoyt (as he stated) but the Lovejoy ramp extended West to 14th but now ends at 9th (Park) (as I stated). 🙂

  4. I think this photo is older than 1956. What appears to be a city crew working on the 10th St ramp are working with some really old equipment, like from the 30’s. I enlarged the pic by 6X and
    the cars in the distance on Hoyt St. don’t appear to be any later than 46 or 47 models.

  5. If that billboard in the top right really says “Motorola TV” I don’t think it can be that much older than 1956 because according to the Motorola website their first television model was introduced in 1947.

  6. Larry: look under the Eoff sign. Do those cars look newer than ’46 or ’47 models? They look early fifties.

  7. There is a VW BEATLE parked on the left of the photo which makes the 1956 date more realistic. I don’t think there were any in the States in the 40’s.

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