NW 6th Ave & Burnside, 1931

A terrific view south on NW 6th Avenue where it crosses the pre-widened West Burnside in 1931. Lots of great signage and advertising in this photo, too. Both the Commonwealth and Arata buildings can be seen in these earlier photos.

A1999-004.268 NW Burnside and 6th south  before widening 1931(City of Portland Archives)

5 thoughts on “NW 6th Ave & Burnside, 1931

  1. I see onlyone maybe two women on the street, Must have been taken during the day when they were all home with the kids. And, it looks like one of the women it an escort for the other. Hard to tell but it could be a man beside her. It looks like a group following them.
    By the look of the shadows it is sunny out but the picture looks so dim. Smog? or just the film?

  2. Nancy,

    I can’t tell if the group is following the woman and her escort, but it’s possible that they are queuing up outside the old Salvation Army headquarters that adjoined the Arata building to the south.

  3. Tire repair, shoe repair and one has to imagine tooth repair! A testament to when we just didn’t buy new!

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